Virtual Assistant

Mark Anthony Piñon

 A experience Virtual Assistant, who does his job passionately has an incomparable work ethic, and owns every client’s business as his own. One who ever sticks to a single idea, A critical thinker and problem-solver in every worst-case scenario. Looking for the best for his client’s business. A client’s success is also his success.

Collecting Data from source (Pdf/Database/Website) and Converting to Desired Format. Ability to work Independently and Follow Instruction, Attention to detail and Accurate Data Entry, Proficient in Office Application and Discreet with Confidential Data.
As the lead generation specialist for the group, I was able to provide hundreds of credible leads ahead of time which resulted in an engagement rate of 15% which in turn netted the group roughly US$50,000  in revenue from business collaborations with veritable companies
 As directed, I have devised and sent out a five-phase email funnel with the strict observance of the group’s branding guidelines and well-timed execution to elicit maximum conversion of mere receivers to valued customers. This was achieved by studying the funnel’s impact through analytics and the subsequent employment of appropriate countermeasures such as A/B testing, which means finding out what areas work and what do not. These strategies were instrumental to the group’s increased revenues
All my graphics, including this one, are the results of my deep understanding of the A.I.D.A format where viewers are led to understand the purpose and design of the image without giving them much thought. Eye-brain coordination seems to work best when one is presented with a complete and detailed image without the need for more words. As a graphic artist, I practice design thinking more than anything. Demography also plays an important role in my designs.
Hagonoy, Bulacan 3002